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Running & Physiotherapy

Be a runner, stay a runner...
Be fit, stay fit!

For every runner the most important thing is a good health. Running Barcelona offers specialized physiotherapy for runners; with practical advice for prevention, fast personal treatment of injuries and active recovery training.

Examples of treatment are: IT band, tendinitis plantar, shin splints and muscle trauma.

Price: 1 hour individual treatment from 40 €

Running Barcelona has a brand new center!

Since last May, Running Barcelona has a new physio and training center in Balmes Street 446, excellent location in the high area of Barcelona, just next to Kennedy square. With sessions minimum 1 hour from 40, Running Barcelona offers physiotherapy specialized in chronic back pain, sports injuries and running. The new centre is equipped with mini gym for physio-training, treatment area, shower, recovery area and a room for presentations.

An example of treatment of a M. Ilio-Tibialis problem in Runnersworld Barcelona

RunningBarcelona.com is proud to present their office just off the most beautiful and most sportive street of Barcelona carretera de les Aigües. It is the perfect location to receive physiotherapy before or after running. It also includes a bathroom to change and shower if needed!

Contact for a first appointment
mail info@runningbarcelona.com
or call (+34) 677248543

What others say about Running Barcelona:

Thank you! I really got my love for running back after being healthy for this year. My IT band has gone away too! Your treatment definitely helped.
Jessica / New York (USA)